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What's the Training about?
STEM Learning Academy's STEM Educator Training Program is a one day face-to-face workshop conducted by certified and experienced Trainers, customized specifically for the school or the individual based on the need to address the curriculum. ​

Ongoing Networking and Support​
We provide our participant teachers with ongoing assistance in successfully integrating the STEM methodology to the curriculum. ​

Who can attend?
All Teachers who are open to new technologies ,willing to learn and who want to be at the top of their career. ​

After the completion of the assessment tasks and upon meeting the requirement, teachers can attain either the STEM Educator Certification

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Our workshops help our participant teachers enhance and energize their current curriculum to include the elements of STEM.

With our expertise and experience we analyse the current curriculum of the respective schools and help the teachers to redesign it to make it interdisciplinary, problem based, project based and inquiry based, which are the main elements of a STEM lesson. ​

The key to great STEM education is a curriculum that supports a transdisciplinary instruction and learning. In transdisciplinary instruction, learners are active participants who use problem-solving processes and the powerful critical thinking and exploration practices commonly used in effective STEM classrooms to:

Connect it to the real world
Collaborate with their peers
Arrive at logical conclusions
Explore and think about the careers of individuals who study similar problems
Wisely choose a career of their interest

We also train our teachers to create models using the wide range of kits available with us and design and create new ones catering to the curriculum needs.

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Junior Engineer Program

STEM Learning Academy along with our associate Global Aero-Sports is the first to launch unique and exciting STEM based Program for school kids in the grades 6-12 which also includes” Aero Modelling, Model Rocketry and Robotics”. This is a 30 Hour hands on program where we teach the fundamentals of these exciting Hobbies so that you can successfully make an Airplane Model that flies, A Rocket Model that launches into the sky to 800 feet with a WHOOSH! and make Robotic Device like a “Line Follower, Obstacle Avoidance Robot” etc. We hope that this will give the students to get excited about a career in Engineering or Science. The feedback from “Students, Teachers and Parents” has been outstanding over the past three years. The MK Letha Memorial Public School, Konni, Kerala has had the program for three years now. You can see the positive changes in the Kids after attending our classes. They are more creative, more enthusiastic, more communicative, more confident, and eager to face competition. They also develop a clearer vision of their career path.


Senior Engineer Program

Once the students complete the Junior Engineer Foundation Program they will be admitted to the Senior Engineer Program. Here they work in Teams on real life Engineering Projects like “Hi Altitude Rocketry, Communication Electronics, Radio Controlled Drones and various Robotic Applications”. The goal is to build “Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, Confidence Building, Project Management Skills etc. There is no dearth to the equipment and challenges we can provide.

Our Trainers are Skilled and Experienced Engineering Graduates who love to Teach. Even Schools in the UAE and USA have approached us to conduct this Program. We treat the students as Adults. We trust them to make use of the Lab freely and give them complete freedom to work on various Engineering Projects. Global Aero-Sports rewards those students who have been able to develop new products or new ways of doing things in Aero Modelling, Rocketry and Robotics. They also get to meet children of their age from “USA, France, Germany, Brazil and Czech Republic”. The Students are also encouraged to take part in various Science and Innovation Competitions. ​


STEM Micro Franchise

STEM Learning Academy offers its unique, exciting, and highly profitable low-Cost Franchisee/ Licensee program to individuals, Graduates, B. Ed, M. Ed professionals, Teachers, looking for career in teaching in schools all over India in Towns/Cities. These personal will be called STEM AMBASSADOR and work with Schools / Colleges/ Corporates to offer a short-term workshop in “STEM Technology for teachers".

The STEM AMBASSADOR will be given four days Full time training at our Corporate and Regional Training Centres. The Micro franchisee/ Licensee stands to earn a good amount per month depending on his/her efforts/skill/motivation etc.

We will provide complete teaching aids and kits worth Rs. 5,000/- as a part of this package.

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